Spawn Surveys

South Fork Siletz Spawn Surveying

We are always looking for volunteers to help us out with spawn surveys during the months of March-June, 1st Saturday of each month. Please email to sign up!

About the Surveys 

Beginning in January, 2014, the Bluebacks began a monitoring effort on the Upper South Fork of the Siletz above the old Valsetz Dam site.  The project included both spawn surveys for steelhead redds and snorkel surveys to determine if juvenile salmon and steelhead are using the SF Siletz and its tributaries as rearing habitat.  Bi-weekly spawn surveys engaged the Corvallis community in “citizen science” to collect valuable data on fish populations in the Upper Siletz and provide educational opportunities for community members.

Professional river snorkel surveys were contracted to Bio-Surveys LLC, who snorkeled over 14 miles of the Upper SF Siletz and a number of tributaries to inventory fish populations and assess the potential for habitat restoration in the basin.  Data from the snorkel survey, known as a Rapid Bio Assessment, will be used by the Bluebacks over the next ten years to plan and fund habitat restoration efforts in the Siletz Basin.  For more information on our Survey Crew project, click here.

The results from the SF Siletz Rapid Bio Assessment are now available online via the following link; 2014 Snorkel Brief.  While we are proud to make this data available publicly, please contact us at before using the data contained in this report.

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About the Chapter

The Bluebacks are headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon. Our territory reaches south to the Calapooia River, up to the North Santiam River, east into the foothills of the Cascades, and west to the Oregon Coast. The chapter was started in April 2013 with the goal of reaching out to young, diverse audiences and engaging them in fly fishing, conservation, and leadership. We accomplish our goals through river cleanup, casting lessons, youth education, and spawning surveys.


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