P1040384Bluebacks River Cleanup 

On Saturday June 4, The Bluebacks floated Wiley Creek to Pleasant Valley bridge on the South Santiam River carrying out our third cleanup of this section of the river. Led by newly elected chapter Treasurer, Jason Balderston, 15 Bluebacks in five boats departed under a bright spring sun and loaded trash into our drift boat flotilla. See the photo above of our recovered junk (the garbage is on the right!). Prized debris removed from this special river included a window pane, a folding chair, pieces-parts of a culvert, and yards and yards of fishing line. Lead, hooks, yarn, and lures will be re-purposed. Items that we could not reach (clay pigeons on the bottom) or move (an engine block) inspire devices for future recovery missions. Coming ashore amongst a group of steelheaders served two purposes: we cleaned the fishing site and inspired them to help us out.

Our next cleanup on the SoSan will be in September. Come join us!

Trout Unlimited Chapter #196